GHI Electronics SITCore Experimenter Kit (SCK-BITBP22-A)

GHI Electronics SITCore Experimenter Kit (SCK-BITBP22-A) includes everything needed to experience programming for hardware using NET C# through Microsoft Visual Studio. The Kit contains the SITCore (Secure IoT Core) FEZ Bit Single Board Computer (SBC) and a BrainBot accessory pack enabling the user to experiment with hardware from different angles. Also included is a wide range of BrainClip Modules, each featuring either a unique sensor or an I/O device.

The SITCore FEZ Bit SBC is based on the GHI Electronics SC20100S SITCore System-on-Chip (SoC), which features a Cortex®-M7 480MHz core processor, 2MB Flash, and 1MB RAM.

The SITCore FEZ Bit includes onboard Wi-Fi®, a color 160 x 128 display, a Micro SD slot, user buttons, a buzzer speaker, and a micro:bit compatible edge connector. The FEZ Bit SBC runs TinyCLR OS, a micro-operating system that allows it to understand and run C# code. The FEZ Bit can plug into the included BrainBot accessory to form a miniature robot that can demonstrate the basics of AI. The FEZ Bit can also be connected to the BrainClip Modules using the included alligator clip wires.


  • FEZ Bit SBC
    • TinyCLR OS
    • Wi-Fi
    • Color 160 x 128 display
    • 6x user buttons
    • Buzzer speaker
    • Micro-SD connector
    • micro:bit compatible edge connector
  • BrainClip Modules
  • Remote control
  • Alligator clip wires
  • BrainBot
    • Onboard lithium battery
    • Line detector for following lines and detecting
    • Distance sensor for object
    • Color headlight LEDs
    • 2x individually-controlled body LEDs
    • Buzzer speaker
    • Infrared receiver for the remote

Kit Contents

  • FEZ Bit Single Board Computer
  • BrainBot Robot Assembly
  • Color LED Light Module
  • Color LED Ring Module with 8x individually controllable lights
  • Distance Sensor Module
  • Buzzer Speaker Module
  • Red Button Module
  • Green Button Module
  • Sound Sensor Module
  • Analog Rocker Module
  • Motion detector Module
  • Infrared Receiver Module
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • 10x alligator clip wires
  • Reusable case
  • USB cable

FEZ Bit Board Layout

GHI Electronics SITCore Experimenter Kit (SCK-BITBP22-A)

In The Box

GHI Electronics SITCore Experimenter Kit (SCK-BITBP22-A)
Publicado: 2021-11-29 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11